Rubamin India Pvt. Ltd.

Vadodara, Gujarat

Project Summary

Rudrani Infrastructure & Developers played a key role in constructing critical infrastructure for Rubamin India Pvt. Ltd., a leading pharmaceutical company. Our expertise in civil and RCC building works ensured the creation of a functional and efficient production environment.

Core Production Facilities:

  • MO Leaching Plant (23,000 Sqft): Rudrani constructed a substantial MO Leaching Plant building, spanning 23,000 square feet. This facility will likely house processes for metal-organic leaching, a crucial step in pharmaceutical production.

  • Sx Plant (26,000 Sqft): Complementing the MO Leaching Plant, Rudrani also built a dedicated Sx Plant building measuring 26,000 square feet. Sx extraction is a commonly used technique for separating and purifying valuable components in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Storage and Support Structures:

  • Tank Farm Area: Rudrani constructed a designated Tank Farm Area for the safe and secure storage of various materials.

  • Cooling Tower (550 Sqft): To ensure efficient temperature control within the facilities, Rudrani built a 550 square foot cooling tower height of 28 meter. This structure plays a vital role in regulating heat and maintaining optimal production conditions.

By successfully completing these civil and RCC building works, Rudrani Infrastructure & Developers has equipped Rubamin India Pvt. Ltd. with a robust and well-equipped production facility. This project will undoubtedly support their continued growth and success in the pharmaceutical industry.


Dec 2019 to Sep 2022


Vadodara, Gujarat







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