Our construction management services begin before the first brick is laid. By partnering with you early in the pre-construction phase, we can ensure your project runs smoothly and efficiently and meets your specific goals. Here’s what our pre-construction construction management services encompass :

  • Project Planning & Scheduling: We’ll work closely with you to define the project scope, develop a detailed project schedule, and identify potential risks and mitigation strategies. This includes creating a realistic timeline that considers all aspects of construction, from permitting to material delivery.
  • Cost Estimating & Budgeting: We’ll create a detailed cost estimate to help you stay on budget during construction.
  • Value Engineering & Design Management: We’ll help your design team find cost-saving options and ensure the design meets your budget and goals by suggesting alternative materials or construction methods without compromising quality.
  • Procurement & Bidding: We’ll manage the procurement process, including soliciting bids from qualified subcontractors and vendors. We’ll also assist you in evaluating bids and selecting the best partners for your project.
  • Site Selection & Evaluation: If you’re still searching for a building site, we can provide expert advice on site selection and evaluation. We’ll consider factors like zoning regulations, environmental concerns, and accessibility to ensure the chosen site meets your project’s needs.
  • Construction Safety Planning: Safety is paramount. We’ll help you develop a comprehensive construction safety plan that complies with all relevant regulations and prioritizes the well-being of your workers.

A proactive approach to construction management will be beneficial

  • Minimize Risks & Delays: Early planning helps identify and mitigate potential problems before they arise, preventing costly delays and disruptions during construction.
  • Optimize Costs & Resources: We’ll help you make informed decisions that optimize project costs and resource allocation, ensuring you get the most value for your investment.
  • Improve Communication & Collaboration: We foster open communication and collaboration among all project stakeholders, leading to a smoother and more efficient construction process.
  • Ensure Project Success: By setting a solid foundation through pre-construction planning, we increase the likelihood of your project meeting its objectives on time, within budget, and to your satisfaction.

Our exceptional Construction Management service will put your project on the path to success. We are your trusted advisor and partner in creating a solid foundation of planning, collaboration, and expertise to ensure your construction project is remarkable and triumphant. Let’s work together to build something incredible!