Cosmos Impex India Pvt. Ltd.

Vadodara, Gujarat

Project Summary

Rudranihas played a key role in expanding the facilities of Cosmos, a leading CNC machine manufacturing company. Their services encompassed various aspects of the project, creating a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant.

Production Powerhouse:

  • MSH & SMS Shed: The centerpiece of the project is a massive industrial shed spanning a staggering 100,000 square feet. This facility will house Cosmos’ CNC machine assembly operations, providing ample workspace for their production processes.

Administrative Hub:

  • MSH & SMS Office Building (G+1): Rudrani constructed a two-story (G+1) office building encompassing 10,000 square feet. This building serves as the administrative center for Cosmos, offering dedicated office space for their staff.

  • MSH & SMS Office Building (Ground Floor): In addition to the main office, Rudrani also built a 4,500 square foot ground floor section dedicated to worker amenities. This area includes locker rooms for employees and a designated material storage area.

Supporting Infrastructure:

  • Parking Shed: To accommodate employee and visitor vehicles, Rudrani constructed a 6,000 square foot parking shed. This facility provides ample parking space for over 20 cars and 100 bikes.

  • Infrastructure Works: Rudrani ensured efficient movement of materials and personnel throughout the site by constructing a comprehensive network of RCC roads and pathways. The project also included a well-designed storm water and drainage system, featuring a covered drain system along the 750-meter-long internal road.

  • Wastewater Management: Demonstrating their commitment to environmental responsibility, Rudrani built a robust wastewater management system. This included a 60,000-liter capacity RCC sewage treatment plant (STP) and a dedicated electric room housed in a secure RCC block.

By successfully completing these diverse construction services, Rudrani has equipped Cosmos with a modern and functional facility that will undoubtedly support their continued growth and success in the CNC machine manufacturing industry.


Jan 2021 to Jan 2023


Vadodara, Gujarat







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