Electrical Control System

(ECS 2)

Vadodara, Gujarat

Project Summary

Rudrani Infrastructure & Developers served as a one-stop shop for ECS 2, a prominent electrical manufacturing company. Their comprehensive services encompassed both civil construction and interior design, resulting in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Central Manufacturing Hub:

  • Factory Building (Turnkey Project): The centerpiece of the project is a massive 75,700 square foot factory building constructed using a turnkey approach. This signifies that Rudrani managed all aspects of the building’s development, from design to completion.

Supporting Infrastructure:

  • Water Storage and Management: Rudrani ensured a reliable water supply by constructing overhead and underground water tanks with capacities of 100,000 liters and 30,000 liters respectively. A dedicated pump room measuring 670 square feet facilitates efficient water management.

  • Security and Staff Facilities: Rudrani prioritized security with an 800 square foot security cabin. Additionally, they constructed a 750 square foot driver’s room and a separate 1,100 square foot DG set (diesel generator) building to support the facility’s power needs.

Perimeter and Aesthetics:

  • Compound Wall: Rudrani constructed a secure compound wall stretching 670 meters to enclose the entire facility.

  • Infrastructure Development: They also undertook extensive infrastructure work encompassing 8,500 square feet of area. This likely included elements like roads, pathways, and drainage systems.

Beyond Construction: Creating an Inspiring Environment

  • Fabrication Work: Rudrani’s expertise extended beyond traditional construction. They also delivered 15,000 kilograms of fabrication work, potentially including metal structures or specialized equipment for the facility.

Amphitheater for a Flourishing Company Culture:

The write-up highlights the construction of an amphitheater, indicating Rudrani’s commitment to creating not just a functional workplace, but also an inspiring environment that fosters a strong company culture.

By providing these comprehensive turnkey services, Rudrani Infrastructure & Developers has transformed ECS 2’s operations with a modern, well-equipped, and aesthetically pleasing manufacturing facility. This project is poised to empower ECS 2 for continued success in the electrical manufacturing industry.


Dec 2018 to Dec 2021


Vadodara, Gujarat







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