Gopaldas Vishram

TOTAL AREA : 7600 Sqmt

Project Summary

Rudrani Infrastructure & Developers played a significant role in expanding the capabilities of Gopaldas Vishram, a leading chemical company. Our expertise in construction services has resulted in a comprehensive and well-equipped manufacturing unit.

Key Facility Components:

  • Administrative Building (G+1): Rudrani constructed a two-story (G+1) administrative building with a footprint of 550 square meters. This building will serve as the central hub for Gopaldas Vishram’s administrative operations, providing dedicated office space for their staff.

  • Production Plant (G+2): The centerpiece of the project is a massive production plant spanning 4,000 square meters over three floors (G+2). This expansive facility will house the core operations of Gopaldas Vishram’s manufacturing process.

Supporting Infrastructure:

  • Road and Drainage Network (3,000 sqm): To ensure efficient movement of materials and personnel throughout the site, Rudrani constructed a comprehensive network of paved roads covering 3,000 square meters. This network will likely include a well-designed drainage system for proper water management.

  • Security Cabin (Ground Floor): Prioritizing site security, Rudrani built a dedicated ground-floor security cabin measuring 55 square meters. This facility will likely house security personnel and potentially include a waiting area for visitors.

Total Project Area:

The entire project encompasses a significant area of approximately 7,600 square meters.

By delivering these comprehensive construction services, Rudrani Infrastructure & Developers has equipped Gopaldas Vishram with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. This project will undoubtedly support their continued growth and success within the chemical industry.


Aug 2021 to Jan 2023


Vadodara, Gujarat







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