Project Summary

Rudrani Infrastructure & Developers played a critical role in constructing a comprehensive new facility for K.L.M Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., a leading pharmaceutical manufacturing company. Their services encompassed various aspects of the project, ensuring the creation of a modern and efficient production environment.

Central Production Hub:

  • Main Building (G+2): The focal point of the project is a massive, multi-story building constructed using RCC (reinforced cement concrete). Spanning an impressive 51,000 square feet, this building will house the core operations of the laboratory. It will integrate production areas, dedicated administrative office space, a canteen for employee meals, and essential laboratory facilities. Additionally, a deck slab is included to optimize production flow within the building.

Essential Support Structures:

  • Utility Building: Rudrani constructed a complementary 3,000 square foot RCC building to support the main plant’s operations. This building will house critical utilities, including a chiller room for temperature control, a boiler room, an electrical control yard for managing power distribution, and a pump room for essential fluid handling.

  • Security Cabin: Ensuring site security, Rudrani built a dedicated 1,500 square foot RCC security cabin. This facility will include a waiting lounge for visitors and a locker room for security personnel.

Other Infrastructures:

  • Underground Water Tank: A crucial element for the laboratory’s operations is a large-capacity water storage tank. Rudrani constructed a robust 400,000-liter RCC underground tank, complete with a dedicated pump room for efficient water management.

  • Parking Shed: To accommodate employee and visitor vehicles, Rudrani constructed a 6,000 square foot parking shed. This facility provides dedicated parking space for 10 cars and 25 bikes.

  • Comprehensive Infrastructure: Rudrani ensured efficient movement throughout the site by building a network of RCC roads and pathways. The project also included a well-designed storm water and drainage system, featuring a covered drain system along the extensive internal road network exceeding 500 meters in length.

  • Secure Perimeter: For enhanced security and aesthetics, Rudrani constructed a decorative compound wall made of block work, stretching over 1,850 feet. This wall will also include a main entrance gate to control access to the facility.

By providing these diverse construction services, Rudrani Infrastructure & Developers has equipped K.L.M Laboratories with a modern and well-equipped facility that will undoubtedly support their continued success in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.


Jan 2022 to June 2023









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