Rajsha Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

Vadodara, Gujarat

Project Summary

Rudrani Infrastructure & Developers has successfully delivered a turnkey project for Rajsha Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., a leading chemical company.
Our services encompassed the design, construction, and completion of a comprehensive factory shed and RCC building complex, catering to the company’s diverse production needs.

Centralized Management Hub:

  • Administrative Building (G+2): Rudrani constructed a well-equipped administrative building spanning 3,500 square feet over three floors (G+2). This central hub will house Rajsha Chemicals’ administrative operations and provide dedicated office space for their staff.

Production Powerhouse:

  • Raw Material Building (G+2): A designated Raw Material Building measuring 6,500 square feet over two floors (G+2) was built to store and manage incoming materials essential for production processes efficiently.

  • Plant Building (G+3): The centerpiece of the project is a massive, multi-story plant building. This impressive structure spans 17,250 square feet across four floors (G+3). Given the critical nature of this building, Rudrani employed a frame structure design to achieve a maximum height of 21 meters. The construction process likely involved meticulous scaffolding throughout the height to ensure worker safety and efficient construction. This building will undoubtedly house the core operations of Rajsha Chemicals’ production line.

Storage and Support Structures:

  • Solvent Tank (5,000 Sqft): Rudrani constructed a dedicated 5,000 square foot solvent tank for the safe and secure storage of solvents used in chemical production processes.

  • Underground Tank (2,500 Sqft): An underground tank with a footprint of 2,500 square feet was built to store additional chemicals or materials below ground level.

  • Finished Goods Shed (10,000 Sqft): A designated Finished Goods Shed measuring 10,000 square feet provides ample space for the storage and organization of finished products before shipment.

  • Compound Wall (210 Meters): For enhanced security and perimeter control, Rudrani constructed a secure compound wall stretching 210 meters around the facility.

Water Treatment and Chemical Storage:

  • RO Tank (1,775 Sqft): A Reverse Osmosis (RO) Tank measuring 1,775 square feet was likely built to support water treatment processes within the facility.

  • Formaldehyde Tank Farm (11,500 Sqft): Rudrani constructed separate dedicated tank farms, each spanning 6,500 square feet and 5,000 square feet respectively, for the safe and secure storage of formaldehyde, a commonly used chemical in various industrial applications.

  • Boiler Shed (8,200 Sqft): To support the facility’s energy needs, Rudrani built a separate boiler shed measuring 8,200 square feet. This building likely houses industrial boilers used for generating heat or steam required for production processes.

By delivering this comprehensive suite of construction services, Rudrani Infrastructure & Developers has equipped Rajsha Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. with a state-of-the-art and well-equipped chemical production facility. This project will undoubtedly empower Rajsha Chemicals to achieve operational efficiency, ensure safety, and support their continued success in the chemical industry.


May 2021 to June 2024


Vadodara, Gujarat







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